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Specific machines for facial treatments.

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Latest-generation aesthetic technologies for the body


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Latest-generation aesthetic technologies for the body

What is leasing

Operational Rental is:

  • a formula that allows you to use an asset without having to buy it, thereby allowing you to reduce management costs.
  • a service of a financial nature, offered to those who need to purchase a useful asset for their business in the form of a service.
  • a financial instrument that can be used by all VAT holders who need to acquire and use capital goods without necessarily having to purchase them

All at advantageous conditions even for small investment volumes.

Operational leasing is a solution that gives customers access to state-of-the-art equipment for a monthly fee that is a fixed and easily budgeted cost. This form of financing provides, at the end of the period of use, the possibility of returning the asset, replacing it with a more modern one or purchasing it.

It offers the opportunity to have continuous access to the latest technologies.

To make sure you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Leasing FAQ


Rental fee

The customer obtains the use of the asset for a pre-established period against payment of a monthly fee known as a “rental fee“, comprising:

  • service required
  • maintenance of the asset itself
  • relevant insurance coverage.

Benefits of leasing

  • Liquidity maintenance
  • Significant improvement in credit rating
  • Planning security thanks to constant fees
  • Always up-to-date technology
  • Also available for equipment of a limited amount, starting from 500 euros
  • Tax advantages related to the deductibility of fees
  • elimination of problems related to the management of products with a high level of obsolescence

Why choose leasing

  • Operational leasing makes it possible to lease expensive equipment without buying it by tying up capital.
  • Operational leasing makes it easier to follow technological innovation and to stay up-to-date with actual business needs by eliminating all tax, accounting and legal issues.
  • Operational leasing combines the benefit of deferred payment over time with the immediate availability of technologically up-to-date assets. This translates into the customer’s ability to adapt the equipment according to their needs.

What happens at the end of the contract?

The customer can:

  • replace the equipment with a new product
  • extend the rental period, maintaining the equipment, at a reduced fee
  • purchase the equipment for a minimal sum
  • return the equipment

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Sono un fisioterapista e ho acquistato un lettino fisioterapico che soddisfava le mie richieste.
Ho trovato personale competente e una vasta gamma di prodotti che potevano essere utile alla mia professione
Posso tranquillamente dire che ho trovato un punto di riferimento per la mia attività


Serietà e professionalità! Ho acquistato un’apparecchiatura per pressoterapia..soddisfattissimo!


Sono rimasto molto soddisfatto del lettino fisioterapia che ho acquistato da questa azienda … sicuramente ci rivedremo presto grazie