Tekno Advanced

Poltrona Tekno Advanced


2,390 CHF + VAT

Administrative and transport costs to be added.


24 Months 139.00 CHF per month + VAT

36 Months 99.00 CHF per month + VAT

48 Months 89.00 CHF per month + VAT

60 Months 69.00 CHF per month + VAT

Purchase option at end of leasing period.

Administrative and transport costs to be added.


3 motors to set different positions

Maximum capacity: 175 Kg

170 watts
220-240V 50/60 Hz
cm 186×86(62)x59/88 h

Tecno Advance is a versatile and elegantly designed digitally adjustable chair upholstered in white artificial leather. The remote control is a convenient tool that manages transitions from one movement to another. It easily becomes a bed with just a simple movement.