OndaSpa Face

OndaSpa Face

Multifunctional Professional Face Station

An innovative technology that combats the damage caused by the natural ageing process by means of natural bio-restoration of the face.

Through the emission of a specific monochromatic light, adjustable in both intensity and duration, produced by special LEDs with no thermal effect, it triggers a response from the cells resulting in the repair of damaged cells and increased replication of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts.

The innovative combination with:

Nano Spray allows you to deeply moisturise the skin

The Thermal effect increases cell metabolism, dilates pores and conveys the active ingredients we use

It represents an innovative solution for modelling the face, reducing wrinkles, treating acne and post-acne scarringskin sensitivityspots, ensuring skin hydration and rebalancing of the skin pH.

It works using wavelengths between 320 and 640 nm (the nanometer is the unit of measurement of the wavelength of light), Nano Spray between 0.0003–0.0005 microns and Thermal at a temperature of 38 °C

No contraindications and no pain.

Onda Spa Face is the innovative solution for the care of different facial skin problems.


No. of LEDs 246
Power supply: 220 V
Time and energy: adjustable
 Red light frequency: 635 nm anti-ageing
 Blue light frequency: 415 nm antibacterial, soothing
 Green light frequency: 560 nm repair
Yellow light frequency: 590 nm redness and discolouration
 Purple light frequency: 308 nm acne and post-acne scarring
 Orange light frequency: 610 nm tissue stimulation
 White light calcium frequency: 320 nm
 Immunostimulant Nanospray: 0.0003–0.0005 mm
 Thermal: hot air emission max 38 °C