Oxygenates, Brightens, Revitalises and Hydrates


Oxygenates, Brightens, Revitalises and Hydrates

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Machine for Oxygen Therapy, Radiofrequency and Ultrasound

Ondakronos offers its customers a way to effectively treat the skin, with immediate results and lasting effects. This is a new “skincare” concept that harnesses and activates the skin’s natural internal and external oxygenation processes.

A wide range of treatments is available for different skin types, ages and conditions, making it a perfect solution for the maintenance or targeted treatment of specific skin problems. It improves tone, reducing expression lines and wrinkles; it firms and redefines; it visibly reduces spots and scars and stimulates microcirculation.

Ondakronos is an innovative and unique platform of advanced technologies (OndaOxygen, OndaQuadra, OndaUltrasound )  for faceneck, décolleté and hands that work both outside and inside the skin to obtain youthfulfresh and natural-looking skin, correcting present imperfections.



 The “Capsule” is placed on a specific handpiece that generates low-frequency vibrations, which are brought into contact with the previously applied neeGels (specific gels containing a pool of active ingredients, which are absorbed during treatment). This generates an overproduction of CO2 bubbles on the surface of the skin, causing blood vessels to dilate and thereby reactivating microcirculation and cell metabolism. External and internal oxygenation of the skin is triggered, thereby achieving “carboxytherapy” without needles!

The effects: EXFOLIATION: gently removes dead skin cells and evens out pigmentation.

-NOURISHMENT: the mixture of active ingredients contained in the Nee Gels are absorbed by the skin, deep hydration

-OXYGENATION: Oxygenation of the skin and deeper layers, increasing the oxygen content in the treated area

Ondaoxygen is also equipped with a silicone head, which allows us to perform a deep and lifting massage of the areas via vibrations


The tripolar radiofrequency handpiece is perfect for firming, redefining contours and rejuvenating. OndaQuadra technology uses four electrodes to produce Tripolar Radiofrequency (RF), which heats the skin to over 40° and causes the fibroblasts to contract, generating new collagen. The facial contours appear defined, the wrinkles relaxed, and the skin firmer and more toned


OndaUltrasound technology uses a handpiece that generates high-frequency ultrasound to open up small spaces between skin cells. In this way, the skin becomes more permeable, allowing better absorption of the active ingredients. This results in an acceleration of cell metabolism and blood flow, making the skin appear more hydrated, nourished and even.
Ultrasound is suitable for all skin types.