6 in 1 + Product Kit


The Dermaroller 6 in 1 has a series of heads designed to reactivate and regenerate the skin, as well as promoting the absorption of specific skincare products.

It has:

  • 1 cleaning silicone headto prepare the skin to receive the  treatment;
  • 1 head with 1200 x 1.0 mm needlesfor body treatments (stretch marks, skin laxity);
  • 1 head with 720 x 0.5 mm needlesfor facial treatments (wrinkles, scars, tissue toning)
  • 1 head with 300 x 0.25 mm needlesto treat small areas, delicate or young skin;
  • 1 head with 12 x 2.0 mm needlesto define wrinkles (nasolabial, barcode, scars).

It also has a tray for disinfecting the heads after use.

The roller is passed directly over the face or body, depending on the area to be treated.
The micro-lesions caused by the needles induce the skin to produce collagen and elastin: natural substances capable of repairing the skin against the  aggressions of time and external agents.
Particularly recommended for post-acne scarsdilated poreswrinkle reduction for a lifting effect, skin laxity and stretch marks.

Included in the kit:

1 x DermaRoller 6 in 1
 1 x Hydrolate Algae & Hyaluronic Acid Spray.
 1 x Hydrolate Chamomile Gel Mask.
 1 x Sens Face Cream for sensitive skin