3-wavelength diode laser

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Diode Laser

3-WAVELENGTH DIODE LASER: 800 nm – 808 nm – 1064 nm

3-WAVELENGTH DIODE LASER: 800 nm – 808 nm – 1064 nm

Definitive progressive epilation. Superfluous hair is a very annoying blemish for both women and men, and the Diode Laser is today’s best-performing solution in the field of permanent hair removal.

Based on the principle of “selective photothermolysis” (attracted by the melanin in the hair, it reaches the hair follicle, damaging it and rendering it incapable of producing new hairs), the 3-wavelength Diode Laser represents the latest generation of lasers with a significantly increased success rate.

The triple wavelength laser spots act simultaneously, making it possible to reach the entire structure of the hair follicle: the bulge area, the bulb and the papilla, which are located at different depths depending on the area to be treated.

It allows us to treat very light skin with light and fine hairs, difficult to treat with a single wavelength. The treatment is quick, painless and provides amazing results. It also has a precision head that allows us to “define” the eyebrows.

Our 3-wavelength Diode Laser is equipped with the photorejuvenation programme: an anti-ageing treatment that tones the tissue of the face and body. The easy and intuitive software allows the optimal treatment parameters to be set in just a few steps.