Pressotherapy 3in1

Latest version with: infrared for fat dissolving, electrostimulators for muscle toning.

3in1 pressotherapy

Touch Screen Version

3-in-1 Pressotherapy allows us to meet all the needs of each individual client, with targeted and effective treatments. You can work with a single technology or combine several technologies in the same treatment to tone, slim and firm, thereby creating a complete treatment with visible results from the very first session!

It is the treatment par excellence for working on the circulatory and lymphatic system, particularly useful in cases of water retention and edematous cellulite. The simultaneous use of infrared, which acts on fat metabolism and improves blood circulation, allows us to shape, tone and reduce circumferences.

3-in-1Pressotherapy allows us to carry out electrostimulation treatments. By contracting the muscles, lipolysis is promoted, a process that helps the body to eliminate accumulated fats. In addition to greater muscle tone, therefore, it also stimulates the drainage of fluids.

Professional Pressotherapy with Silver Gloves for Sale

We at Ondapulsante have decided to supplement our professional Pressotherapy machine with special Silver Gloves that take advantage of the two-way current generated by the machine, promoting its Correction, Stimulation and Reshaping action.

Their purpose is to ensure the transmission of currents through specific movements, thereby improving the results of each individual session to:

  • Increase the compactness of the tissues;
  • Reduce circumferences through the elimination of accumulated fats;
  • Improve microcirculation;
  • Encourage the drainage of liquids.