OndaSyncro Sculpt


What is OndaSyncro Sculpt

Innovative machine with a powerful slimming system that uses EMS technology to reduce fat while maintaining a toned and sculpted shape!

Sculpt technology uses high-intensity focused magnetic waves that trigger muscle contractions up to 30000 times in 30 minutes! The strong contraction and number of contractions allow the muscles to be sculpted in a very short time, and the adipose panniculus is used by the muscles as energy during the treatment. After only 4–6 treatments, the muscle mass increases by about 16% and the adipose panniculus is reduced by 19%

OndaSyncro Sculpt allows you to reshape and sculpt your body in a short time, pain-free and with no recovery time!


Technology used: Cryogen; focused magnetic wave
Display screen 10.4 – LCD
EMS Sculpt Intensity: 8 – 100% (7 Tesla)
Frequency: 5 Hz – 150 Hz
Cooling temperature: 1–5 levels (0 °C to -11 °C)
Heating temperature: 0–4 levels (preheating 3 minutes, heating temperature from 37 to 45 °C)
Vacuum: 1–5 levels (10–50 Kpa)
Input voltage: 110 V/220 V
Output Power: 300–5000 W
Size: 72×55×118 cm Weight: 20 kg

Number and frequency of sessions

OndaCrio: 3 to 5 sessions spaced 30 to 40 days apart are recommended, always in agreement with the operator, as the duration of the treatment and the number of sessions depend on the area treated and the thickness of the adipose panniculus.

OndaSculpt: cycles of 6–8 treatments two or three days apart are recommended.


  • Up to 6 cm reduction in circumferences
  • Toned musculature
  • Sculpted shapes
  • Body contouring